About us

At Surge we manage complex data to improve collaboration between supply chain players through Blockchain.

Who we are

We provide solutions for one of the main challenges enterprises faces: managing complex data to improve collaboration between diverse companies and stakeholders.

Surge was launched in 2018 by a group of experts and researchers in the field of Blockchain and Innovation Technologies.

Since then, we have been supporting companies to better manage the end to end supply chain processes through our enabling Blockchain based  platform which allows trust and collaboration among suppliers

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Our technology can be applied to many industries, from manufacturing to service providers, from food production to the health industry.

Our values

Our mission is to provide state of the art Enterprise Software solutions which employ Blockchain to improve supply chain collaboration. We allow Supply chain key players to cooperate in order to achieve an integrated view of the data related to a product, available throughout all companies



Azimut and Gellify are shareholders that believe in our values and in our capacity as technological leaders in redefining the supply chains of tomorrow

Venture partner

Venture partner

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