Surge deals with every supply chain aspect

Production processes are challenged by complexity.

Software solutions that use blockchain can promote collaboration between companies, by providing data and transparency to both companies and consumers

Blockchain benefits

The private and permissioned Blockchain is the way to achieve trust and collaboration among suppliers

Consolidate trust

In the context of a business network, blockchain provides immediate, shared and secured information in order to build trust and transparency

Abilitate collaboration

Blockchain allows to exchange data among suppliers while retaining ownership and control of information Trust and transparency are the pillars to guarantee quality production by reinforcing and demonstrating sustainability and ethical statements, as well as to demonstrate the originality of a product. It is a way to really know the history of a product or a service.

What makes Surge unique?

We allow Supply chain key players to work and communicate together to achieve an integrated view of the data related to a product, available to the Head of supply chain and shareable with suppliers


Our solution- Front is an open platform available in the cloud, scalable to fit the increasing business needs


Partners contribute to the network by sharing their information in a secure way

Single source of truth

The collaboration generates a constantly updated catalog, with all data related to items on a supply chain level  

Open platform

Front can be integrated with legacy systems and enriched by 3P services

Blockchain based

Our framework, Hyperledger Fabric, offers all BC features: a shared and distributed system, master ledger and security, and enables a safe and simple collaboration among companies

Multi-level traceability

Different levels of suppliers can be involved in a non-hierarchical distributed architecture, where each actor functions as a puzzle piece of a wider picture and where all business processes are integrated:  from raw material providers to production or transport companies and their suppliers.


Surge solution offers a way to communicate a sustainable and ethical process, while simplifying regulatory and compliance reporting. This solution implies a solid and up-to-date way to account for the consumption and relative GHGs emissions along all the supply value chain of the organizations, securing information and avoiding data leaks and policy infringement.

A supply chain driven collaboration

The result of this enhanced collaboration is a mapped and empowered supply chain, where the focus is on the integrated view on the data related to a product or a service- a “digital passport “of a product or service, available cross-company to all partners.

Advanced technology makes everything easy ​

Thanks to a simple way to integrate legacy systems, Surge easily allows to collect and manage information, content and documentation

Make the process transparent through Blockchain​​

Once a document or information is uploaded, it can be shared and visualized among suppliers only after the Blockchain network reaches the “consensus”, a validation practice across the nodes involved in a transaction; this is a way to create a new block in Blockchain

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