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Surge improves end to end collaboration between supply chain players and customers, thanks to fully customizable Blockchain technology

Why choose Blockchain for your Supply chain?

Most innovative companies know how to affirm the value of their business on the market and they want to let the world know about their uniqueness.

Thanks to Blockchain, many companies, from manufacturing to service providers, from food production to the health industry have the possibility to:

  • Consolidate trust with both the public and the partner companies by enhancing collaboration,
  • Guarantee the production quality by reinforcing transparency and demonstrating the originality of a product or a service along with its certified sources,
  • Make evident their sustainability and ethicality statements

How the whole company can benefit from Surge

Our technology can be applied to many lines of business, from marketing to CSR, from finance to operations


Authenticity, Traceability, Uniqueness


BC as a digitalization enabler


Compliance & ESG


Sustainability as brand identity

Supply chain

Improved trust and collaboration
through transparency


Step by step innovation disruptive process


Surge empowers a cross tier collaboration among vendors and manufacturers through an extended supply chain to improve:  

  • Simplification of data or document management processes and reduction of manual and redundant tasks by integrating with SAP, while guaranteeing security and transparency of all shared data
  • Communication flow: a trusted and transparent communication flow decreases the risk for duplicate industrializations and reduces costs and development time
  • Process consistency: simplification of data or document management processes (such as serial number acquisition and BAUs) and reduced error rate by managing critical materials and components (such as motor parts, brake systems etc.)


Positive outcomes: 

  • Time 2 car improvement development
  • Regulatory audit and compliance process management
  • Execution time of demanding and critical targets
  • Information protection



In the field of Fashion and Luxury we applied Blockchain technology to better manage:

  • Traceability:- reached through the transparency of components and materials used in production, as well as product processing, throughout the entire supply chain – from raw material suppliers to the end customers
  • Sustainability: thanks to our technology, fashion brands achieve their economic and artistic goals in the most creative and sustainable way. Our collaborative Blockchain solution takes into account all the factors involved in the environmental footprint assessment, from main products to visual merchandising items and retail accessories items.
  • Security: Blockchain not only provides a way for actors to closely cooperate, thus simplifying production processes, but it also preserves sensitive data such as co-design projects and digital assets to prevent counterfeits and data leaks.


Nowadays, customers expect to be informed on what food they consume, where it comes from, what processing it went through.

Blockchain technology can be implemented along the production chain to validate and control the supply chain processes, with the scope of standardizing the entire production steps to international protocols and regulations.

With Blockchain technology you can:

  • Guarantee the traceability of each batch along the entire supply chain
  • Reduce response time and irregularities, avoid product recall, prevent complaints
  • Improve response time to Audit and requests of certifying bodies
  • Centralize data and improve data quality and availability
  • Guarantee transparency to customers and consumers with specific and verified information
  • Tell your customers the detailed story of your production, including its uniqueness and quality


Our experience was mostly concerned with companies working in project manufacturing, which develop tailor-made solutions and are deeply committed to satisfying customers’ expectations.

Close collaboration among supply chain partners is then fundamental, both to cut time to market and to successfully and efficiently realize the order.

Blockchain collaboration brings a series of advantages: 

  • Pre-agreement steps speedup: the quick availability of data allows for a fast response to pricing estimation of cost budgeting inquiries to cut «Time-2-RFx» within an undefined scenario such as agile prototyping, BOM simulation, and preliminary feasibility.
  • Complete control of orders and its critical elements: easy monitoring of the status of an order and assignment of specific components to each supplier.
  • Security: all data, transactions and related assets are secured thanks to Blockchain technology, which is natively embedded in our solution.

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